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Can’t find rock-star full-time resources within your budget?

We provide the top 2% of international talent.

TalentsMatch quickly provides rock-star full-time resources with your exact requirements without any upfront costs. In addition, we can give you resources within a few days and at a 20-40% lower price by providing resources from international locations.

  • Only top 2% talent
  • Time zone and culture fit
  • Career-oriented full-time resources
  • Within days
  • No upfront costs
  • Save up 20-40%

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    • Connect with the most sought-after talent that is hard-to-find and is the right fit for your most demanding positions.
    • Save about 20-40% of your costs by leveraging international talent
    • Grow faster with a pool of great people
    • Focus on your business instead of recruitment


    • The number one reason for most of the business growth problems is lack of the right talent!!
    • 40-50% of current employees are looking for new jobs! Which of your own team members left you or are going to leave soon?
    • Salaries have gone up 30-50% for many of the hot professions!


    1. Hire full-time resources

      Directly hire full-time resources. For example, a leading Software company in Canada hired 7 python developers through our recruitment services, and these developers now work with the software company just like their regular employees.

    2. Build an entire team on-site or remote

      We can assemble your worldwide marketing, sales, or development staff. Manufacturers can save money by finding operations team resources faster. In Pune, India, we hired project delivery managers, accountants, and customer care reps for many clients. We established their staff in weeks without upfront costs.

    3. Hire-train-deploy a cohort

      We can hire, train the cohort, and deploy if you need over 10 people of a particular skill set. For example, a real estate holding company in New York needed 50 property managers immediately to manage their properties; we hired and trained the property managers and deployed them within 3 months.

    4. International expansion

      We help you find talent internationally who can help you expand into new geographies. For example, one of the US software companies was getting lots of leads from India, but they didn’t have a sales presence in India. So, they hired 5 sales people through us within 2 weeks and generated over $2 million in sales within 1 year without any upfront investment.

    How It Works?

    Send your job requirement

    Send your job requirement

    You can send your existing job listing or call us and explain the details. Since we have a large pool of candidates, we can provide an exact match once we understand your requirements.

    We Short-list candidates

    We Short-list candidates

    We use our AI-based engine to assess and source candidates. First, we will short-list candidates who match your criteria in our database. Then, we will do initial rounds of interviews to make sure there is a perfect skill to job Match.



    You do the final interviews and select the best candidate.

    Join your team

    Join your team

    They start working with you as full-time resources. We manage all the compliances, background checks, payroll, and administrative work.


    Just like you hire full-time resources, you will employ international resources with a budget. You will save 20-40%, but typically our clients care more about speed and quality than cost. If you send us your requirements with the desired number of years of experience, we can quote you the current market salaries for those roles.

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      Huge pool of TOP talent

      Since we have been doing this for a long time and work across many countries with our physical presence, we already have a vast pool of top talent.

      Save 20-40%

      Since our candidates live in countries with cheaper living costs, you can generally save between 20 to 40% of payroll costs.

      Highly Motivated team members

      Most of our candidates are tired of working for outsourcing companies or freelancers. They want a sense of belonging to a US or a European company. They seek full-time stable employment and want to give their 120% and build a long-term career in your organization.

      Why are we able to find Top Talent?

      • Many years of hard work by 100s of international recruiters, we call them scouts. This resulted in a substantial pre-vetted pool.
      • Top talent in many countries such as India, Ukraine, and Colombia do not get enough respect and recognition from employers in their countries.
      • Top talent wants to work with successful companies like yours to learn and grow.
      • Most of them are hard-working, loyal professionals; they don’t know how to brand and market themselves internationally, so we help them.
      • They want to gloat about their job for an American or European company 😊
      • We treat them well and pay them well! So, we get 1000s of referrals from their friends.
      Why are we able to find Top Talent

      Job Title

      We have hired and deployed 100s of different job roles; here are some of them. Since we have a vast database and army of recruiters, we can find a match for most typical jobs.


      • Software Engineers
      • Civil Engineers
      • Software Developer
      • Information Security Analyst
      • Web Developer
      • Sales Engineer
      • Information Technology Manager
      • Computer Research Scientist
      • Product Development Consultant
      • Mechanical Design Engineer
      • Electrical Engineer
      • Power Plan Maintenace Executive

      Project management

      • Technical
      • Non-Technical PMO
      • HR and L&D PMOs
      • Procurement


      • Sales Executives
      • Sales Representatives
      • Distribution Manager
      • Business Manager
      • Logistics Staff, Supervisor and Manager
      • Sales Director


      • Digital Marketing Executives
      • SEO experts
      • Content writers
      • Graphic Designers
      • Demand Generation
      • Data Scientist
      • Copy Writer
      • Video Design and editor
      • Channel Marketing Executive and Managers
      • Customer Marketing Executive and Managers


      • IT Director
      • Systems Designs
      • System Development
      • System Engineers
      • System Administrators
      • Service Desk
      • Process Managers
      • Network Admin
      • Database Administrators
      • Application Support
      • CSI Manager
      • Change Management
      • Incident Management
      • Data Center Management
      • Operations Management
      • Enterprise System Support
      • Service Delivery
      • Service Architecture

      Custom Job Posts


      Like your regular US employees, you have to manage these full-time resources. We have vetted the best possible talent and want to excel so that they will work hard. We can also provide complete monitoring through automated screenshots on their desktops. As a result, most of our employers never have any issues.
      There is a probation (trial) period, and if you are not satisfied with the candidate within the trial period, you can let them go without paying anything extra; just pay the salary for the days candidate worked.
      Yes, we do thorough background checks on the candidate.
      We sign NDA and ensure candidates are professionals and respect the confidentiality of the data.
      For customer-facing roles, such as sales, property managers, and marketing, we ensure they are Proficient in written and spoken English Language. For developers, it varies. You can mention your desired English fluency level, and we can filter accordingly. We also provide Basic to Advance level English training to some of the candidates if necessary.
      We provide cultural sensitivity training if the candidate has never worked with a foreign company. Then, as a candidate starts working with you, they learn from you and will adapt quickly. Through our AI recruitment assessment engine, one of the soft skills we look for is the ability to learn quickly and adapt.
      No, we are not an alternative to Upwork or GetFreelancer, or Fivvr. These are freelancing websites. Many freelancers, some pretty salespeople take the work under their name and delegate it to a junior person. They juggle multiple clients, so if a lucrative long-term client calls them, they put your project on hold and keep telling you lies about the estimated delivery date. They have worked with many clients, so they are seasoned in manipulating. But, of course, some are very good. If you are a startup without any funds or anything to lose, you can take risks and experiment. You may get lucky and find a rock star, but you should not take risks or waste time on companies with clients and growing businesses.
      No, we are an alternative to an outsourcing agency or dev shop. Most system integrators, big or small, focus on getting clients from the US and passing it on to junior resources. They don’t pay the resources well and focus on quantity instead of quality. Then, of course, about 10-20% maintain high quality. We like your extended recruiting and admin team, which is present internationally. We want to help you acquire full-time top talent. We do not take projects
      No. You don’t pay till you hire someone.

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